From Williams et al., 2017:

[Freboldinium, Below, 1990, p. 14

Type species: Freboldinium regulum, Below, 1990 ( pl.1, figs.1–6)]


Original description: [Below, 1990]: (Translation: LPP):

Arrangement of vesicles / plates on the dinoflagellate amphiesma cop, pop, cap, 4`-(5`), 3a, (5``)-6``, 7c, 6```,1````-(2````), as, FM, ls,rs, ps; Growth type of thecal plates peridinoidal. Cyst habitus proximat, proximochorat, acavat, cavat, sphaeroidal, ovaloidal, ovoidal, polyedrical, apical horn possible, epicyst smaller than hypocyst; wall composed of pedium and luxuria, surface smooth, ornamented; nonareat, or thecal areation reflected by finate, peniareate, intraareate ornamentation; areation formula NR, PR/XPR/cop, pop, cap, NR`/4`-5`, NRa/3a, NR``/(5``)-6``-7``, NR```/6```, NR````/1````-(2````), NPs/Xs/as, FM; archaeopyle precingular/apical, 3``+4``+1a+2a+3a+3`; operculum solvate (pars) and foederate (pars), opercular formula 3``s+4``+(1a+2a+3a+3``)s.
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