Schizosporis Cookson and Dettmann 1959 emend. Pierce 1976 emend. Takahashi and Jux 1982 emend. Fedorova 1985

Poulsen 1996, p. 89
Batten and Lister (1988) regard Ovoidites as a taxonomic senior synonym of Schizosporis, Schizophacus, and Psilospora. Ovoidites has been linked with the modern freshwater filamentous green alga Spirogyra as a zygnemataceous zygospore (van Geel and van der Hammen, 1978; Batten and Lister, 1988). Fensome et al. (1990), however, did not record the synonymy proposed by van Geel and van der Hammen (1978) and Batten and Lister (1988).
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